Steps on how to be a member of ECOZI are as follows:

1.Complete and Submit the membership application form as well as the following documents :

✅A formal letter of application for membership (hard copy, signed and stamped)
✅Constitution of your organization
✅Organizational profile
✅Registration certificate, PVO/Trust Deed (photocopy)
✅Minutes of the Board meeting that approved application for ECOZI membership (hard copy, signed)
✅Most recent financial audit report

to or for approval by the ECOZI Board .

2.When your membership application has been approved you will be issued with an invoice.
The initial joining fee is Two Hundred United States Dollars (UD$200.00) which is a once-off payment and the subscription fee is One Hundred United States Dollars (US$100.00) per annum, meaning you will need to pay a total of $300.00 upon being accepted as a member.
Thereafter you will only be paying annual subscription fees.