Each year on January 24th, countries come together to celebrate the International Day of Education. This day is dedicated to recognizing the important role that education plays in society, particularly in establishing peace and promoting development.

This year, we are celebrating the sixth International Day of Education with the theme Learning for Lasting Peace. The goal of this theme is to empower learners with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values to become agents of peace in their communities.

International Day of Education also aims to promote gender equality, inclusivity, and poverty eradication. Unfortunately, according to UNESCO, there are currently 250 million children and youths who are not able to attend school and 763 million illiterate adults. This is a violation of their right to education.

As the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI) we work towards the transformation of education in Zimbabwe. It is our vision, mission, and goal to ensure that children in Zimbabwe have access to quality, inclusive, equitable, lifelong, and resilient education that takes place in a safe environment.

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