Review Of The African Curriculm

ECOZI conducted aNOTHER campaign on the new curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education in Mashonaland Central at Hala Kimberly hotel on 1December 2015.Over 200 participants attended the campaign from all corners of the province. These included people from the community, SDCs, School Heads, School teachers (both urban and rural), Provincial Education Director and Deputy Director Mr Sithole, Curriculum Development and Technical Services in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MOPSE).

A lot of questions were raised by the stakeholders concerning the implementation of the new curriculum. Some of the questions directed to the MOPSE included its readiness to implement the new curriculum in 2016 considering that syllabuses may not yet been printed and teachers are not yet capacitated to implement the new curriculum. Issues were also raised on how MOPSE going to regularise the new dispensation considering the coming in of continuous assessment.

Stakeholders suggested MOPSE to come up with a clear policy framework on the implementation of the new curriculum, prioritise capacitating teachers who are the major drivers of the new curriculum and enhance infrastructure development for proper implementation of the new curriculum.

ECOZI conducted a campaign on the New Curriculum from 2-5 September 2015 in Bulawayo Province under the theme, “New Curriculum for Socio-Economic Transformation”. The campaign was done concurrently with the Research and Intellectual Expo at National University of Science and Technology. The main objective of the campaign was to sensitise different stakeholders and get their feedback on the new curriculum.