National & International Affiliations

1) Education Coordinating Group.
This is a local education group which is chaired by the Minister. In attendance will be the Permanent Secretary, the Principal Directors, the directors, donor representatives FCDO, EU, UNICEF, UNESCO, and ECOZI representing CSOs, NGOs teacher unions, and other partners.

2) ANCEFA: Africa Network Campaign on Education For All
This is a regional coalition of other 35 National Education Coalitions in African countries.

3) GCE: Global Campaign for Education. 
This is a global coalition with a membership of over 100 National Education Coalitions and three regional networks; ANCEFA for Africa, ASPBAE for Asia and Pacific and CLADE for the Caribbean and Latin America.

4) Drafting Committee of the ESSP (2016-2020)
Teachers Professional Standards technical working group, Joint Sector Reviews with MoPSE, ECOZI conduct regular engagements with PPC on Education & MOPSE advocating for quality inclusive education for all.

Are you interested in what we do?

If you are an Non Government (NGO), International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs), Teachers’ Union, Faith Based Organization, Community Based Organization and Civil Society Organization’ (CSO) in Zimbabwe with an interest and working within the education sector or you want to donate to our work connect with us.